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About Us

The Bar Association & Library, Moradabad (Regd No. 20/1941)
has a golden and historical past. Association which was registered on 12 May 1941 by Rai Bahadur Basant Lal Jain advocate and his other associates in the present name was previsouly known as "BAR LIBRARY MORADABAD" and its rules were firstly published in 1907 in Laxmi Narayan press.

Association has proved a veritable treasure of frensic skill and has produced so many legal lumanaries in the form of members like Mr. Anand Swaroop Mathur "Munshi", Mr. Kedari lal, Mr. Babu lal Jain " Munshi", Mr. John Sleeman speirs, Mr. Radha Krishna Soti, Mr. Brijnandan Prasad, Mr. Bulaji das, Sir Tej Bahadur Sapru, Mr. Rai Bahadur Banarasi Prasad Mishra, Mr. Shanti Prasad Agarwal, Mr. Nasir-ul-Hasan, Pt. Shambu Nath Dube, Mr. Narayan Das, Mr. Govind Swaroop Mathur, Barister Syed zakir Hussain, Mr. Zaheer Alam Chisti, Barister Abul Hasan, Mr. Jasper, Mr. Devi Prasad, Mr. Radha krishan das, Mr. Brij Bhallab das, Mr. fayyaz Hussain, Mr. Mukhram, Mr. Sunder Lal, Pt. Raghunath Chintamani, Mohd. Mumtaz Ali, Mr. Jungi Nath, Sir Mohd. yaqub Ali Khan, Sir Raza Ali, Mr. Syed Saeed Hasan, Mr. Shyam Swaroop Sareen, Mr. krishan Swaroop Soti, Mohd. Syeead Hasan, Rai Bahadur basant Lal Jain, Barister kedar nath, Mr. Murli Manohar Agarwal, Mr. Bal Govind, Mr. Jeeva ram, Mr. Bhram saran, Mr. Iayyum Ali Khan, Barister Khushi ram, Mr. Parwati Nath khanna, Barister Shiv Nath Singh, Choudhary Shyam Sunder Agarwal, Mr. Laxmi Narayan Shotriya, Mr. Hari Rai swaroop Mathur, Mr. Laxmi Narayan Upadhyay, Mr. Abdul Mazeed khan, Barister Hukmat ullah, Mr. Jai Kishan Jain, Mr. Raj Bahadur Pande, Mr. Kailash sahai Mathur, Mr. Gayan Prakash Bansal, Mr. Satish Kumar Agarwal, Mr. Dayanand Gupta, Mr. Gajram Singh Yadav, Mr. kameshwar Nath Mishra, Mr. rameshwar nath Mishra, Thakur Brijnandan Singh, Mr. Hari shanker gupta, Mr. Keshav Chandra etc., who are well known for there juristic learning and professional ability. The Bar Association & Library, Moradabad, has its own singular golden history & tradition.

Member of the association, wherever or whenever they shifted, carried the high tradition with them and laid down the foundation of all, that is best & great in the legal profession. These traditon & setteled recognization were inherited by their sucessors even upto this day.

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